If Easy

If it was easy, Why would we even try? Why would we even care? Why would we hang on for dear life? If it was easy, What would be the thrill? What would keep us on our toes? What would make our heart beat wildly? If it was easy, Would it really be worth it? [...]


As You Do, Dad

No one, I repeat, no one Can get on my nerves, As you do, Dad. No one can say, "No," Right to my face, As you do, Dad. No one can make me cry By being brutally honest, As you do, Dad. But no one can do Some other sweet things too, As you do, [...]

More Than Anger

The arguments are unavoidable Every time you don't listen. But more important than my anger Is what we have. The irritation is inescapable Every time I speak the same thing. But more important than your anger Is what we have. The tension in the air is inevitable Every time there's a disagreement. But more important [...]