Tit for Tat

“Oh, that’s bad,” sympathized my friend with me, hearing about my senior’s rudeness at office. Then, without losing a beat, she continued, “Don’t worry, your time will also come. When you become a senior, you do the same to your juniors!”

“And become the monster I despise?” I quipped.

Sadly, that is the logic most of the world works on — Tit for Tat. Even if it is aimed at the wrong people…


To be a Woman

So what is it like
To be a woman?
If anything, I’ll be honest.
It’s tough, very very tough.

To be a living, breathing person
But to be eyed as
Just another object for gratification
Is tough.

To have an avalanche of
Emotions, opinions and plans
But to keep them all bottled up
Is tough.

To be beautiful in one’s own way
But be compared against
An unrealistic “standard”
Is tough.

To be completely devoted to one’s work
But still be seen as passing time
Till our real job of family begins
Is tough.

To be writhing in pain inside
On every single month
But being expected to cover it up
Is tough.

To be able to overcome so much
And so, so much more
But nevertheless, being treated as the weaker sex
Is tough.


We all hate that word. It makes us feel so bad about ourselves. Worse, it makes us question the very intention of why we started out. We all hate rejection.

But there it is. In our face. Most of the time. From people we love to things we love to even the smallest, silliest of daily stuff, rejection hits us hard.

The trick is to not take it seriously. It’s just one of life’s ways of checking if what we are after is what we really desire. If we give up, then there it is. Maybe, we were never serious about it. But if we hold on and give it our all, there is a very good chance that we will make it.

Earlier, when I used to get rejected, I used to completely break down. Thankfully, it’s a little different now. When I got my last rejection mail for my novel last Saturday, I was fine. What came to my mind was, “Okay, if not them, then the next.”

Rejection is just a step. Let it pass when it arrives. It just means we are one step closer to our real destiny.


If I were perfect,
I would know
Exactly what to say.
But I bumble for words.

If I were perfect,
I would do
Everything just right.
But I make many mistakes.

If I were perfect,
I would treat
Everyone just as they deserve.
But I muddle up all systems.

If I perfect,
I would succeed
At all I venture into.
But I fail so often.

If I were perfect,
I would smile
At all costs.
But I cry like a baby.

If I were perfect,
Only if I were.
But I’m only human
And believe me, I’m fine.

We Give What We Have

I’m sure you must have noticed that some people are mostly exuding positive vibes while some are so not. The former are a joy to come across while the latter are dreaded. Why is this? Why do some only give away frowns and not smiles?

The answer is that is all they’ve got to give.

I’ll give you an analogy. If you’ve been given flowers in a basket, then of someone comes along and pleases you, you will take out a flower to give them. But if you’ve been given a basket of thorns, then even if someone asks you for a flower, where will you give it from? You’ve got thorns and that is what you will offer.

My Mom always says one thing. No matter how rich or poor we are, we can all afford to say a kind word or two. But I think, even for that, we will all pick and choose from our own baskets.

So the next time, you are about to say or do something that you know will hurt someone, stop. That one line or action will show them quite a bit about what you’ve got. Now, do you want to be known as someone loved by none?

V-Day Series Finale: 7. You and Yours

Many lovely couples
On and off screen,
But you won’t feel for any
As you do for yourself.

The most important couple
For you will always be
The one you form with someone,
That of you and yours.

Cherish it.
Treasure it.
Be grateful.
For once, wasn’t it all you wanted?

Yes, you deserve them,
Which is why they chose you.
So don’t feel any less
Because they don’t think you should.

Many can still only dream.
So count your blessings.
For you have someone
To call yours.

This Valentine’s,
Celebrate your love.
Every single day,
Live your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to both you and yours! ☺

V-Day Run-up: 6. Monica and Chandler

Knew each other forever,
Yet it never occurred to them
That what they were crazily looking for
In every twist and turn
Was just across the hall.

Maybe, it was the over-familiarity
That stopped the other
From seeming dreamy exotic.
But at times, reality
Is sweeter than a thousand dreams.

He was her friend
Who couldn’t get why she was single.
She was his friend
Who taught him how to please a girl.
They were truly just friends.

Till a one-night stand
Gave them the love of a lifetime.
They couldn’t go back
No matter how tough it got,
For this was it.

Apparently, all the heartbreak
They individually endured
Was finally justified,
As that’s what made
Him her Chandler and her his Monica.

Monica: Chandler… In all my life… I never thought I would be so lucky, (starting to cry) as to… fall in love with my best… my best… There’s a reason why girls don’t do this!

Chandler: Okay! (He joins her on one knee) Okay! Okay! I’ll do it!  Oh God… I thought… (starting to cry, pauses) Wait a minute, I… I can do this. I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it. Then I realized the only thing that matters is that you, you make me happier than I ever thought I could be (starting to cry again) and if you’ll let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Monica, will you marry me?

This is my favourite television couple of all time.

V-Day Run-up: 5. Fatmagul and Kerim

She was the rape-victim.
He was one of the accused.
How could they ever have a story?
But, they did.

She was devoid of trust.
He was pleading his innocence.
How could they ever fall in love?
But, they did.

She had lost all hope.
He had lost his dreams.
How could they have a future?
But, they did.

Because before love come other stages
Of understanding, respect and trust.
How could they make it through all?
But, they did.

For if only love was enough,
Her heart had belonged to another.
How could it become Kerim’s?
But, it did.

He became her strength
To help her win justice.
How could they win that battle?
But, they did.

She said, “I love you.” It was a miracle… But believe me, before when she said, “I trust you,” that was more valuable than anything.

— Kerim Ilgaz in Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne

I wish I had met him years earlier. Everything would have been so different.

— Fatmagul Ilgaz in Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne 


V-Day Run-up: 4. Meredith and Derek

They may not be
Together any more.
But hardly any couple
Makes it to forever after.

At least what finally
Had the power to separate them
Was nothing short of death,
Even though a part of her died with him.

For the time they had,
They weaved together a saga
Of romance, heartache and drama,
One which stayed with people long after it was over.

Here’s to them
Who made us
Smile and cry with them.
Here’s to MerDer.

Derek was epic for her. They were the great love story. I mean, that girl’s heart beat for Derek Shepherd. It’s just it never occurred to me that she would ever be with anyone else. He was perfect. He was everything. That man turned her world.

— Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy 

V-Day Run-up: 3. Kang Mo-yeon and Yoo Shi-jin

A committed army officer,
Whose everything lay rolled together
In his uniform, duty and country,
Did not mind to take lives
To save lives.

A devoted doctor,
Whose all boiled down
To her one-minded concern
To do whatever she could
To save lives.

During an earthquake rescue operation,
The officer saw the doctor.
No, the man saw the woman
Who had rejected him thrice
And crushed his heart.

In the midst of all the commotion,
He walked up to her,
As she stood stunned.
It was not that she had never loved him.
But their lives were so different.

Without a word,
He bent over to put down his army helmet
On the ground, beside her feet,
To tie her open shoelaces.
Then, he left.

Just one of the moments
From this heart-warming saga
That proved how the extraordinaire
Can be found in the most ordinary,
If one finds love.

Love compels us to do something others can do themselves.

— Yoo Shi-jin in Descendents of the Sun