New Beginnings

There is something about beginnings. They bring about a flush of feelings like no other. It does not matter if the beginning is a small or big one. It does not matter if its place of being is known or absolutely foreign. It does not even matter if everybody knows about it or just nobody except ourselves. Nothing can take away from it what it is.

A beginning takes guts. It takes positivity. It takes letting go of the past. That is why when we embark on a beginning, it requires a great deal of effort. But once we get started, it is like a big stone rolling away from our chests. While some of us need that first push from someone else, there are the rest of us who can’t get going unless we are ourselves hundred percent ready and willing. Either way, we deserve credit for taking that first step.

There are so many of us who wish so desperately for something but don’t do anything about it. It’s better to dare than to regret. It’s better still to try our hand at something nobody including we ourselves thought we could. In life, there will be many beginnings but few ones absolutely ‘new’. Give the new beginnings a go. They will bring more happiness!

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