The Mathematics of English

English and Mathematics are very different subjects. Even the parts of our brain that are active for the two are different. Yet there is a certain math that is involved in any language and that includes English. This is called grammar. It is these set of rules that set a degree of restraint for the [...]

The Talkers versus the Quiet

We have all seen both the talkers and the quiet. Depending on our luck, we might have come across too many or too few of any one kind. While the talkers find the quiet difficult to understand, weird or at times even rude, the quiet fully reciprocate their feelings! But I will let you in [...]

Why J.K. Rowling Rules

We all love the Harry Potter books. And the movies. And the stuff related to them. Have you ever wondered why? Think about it. The books were first published decades ago. It has even been years since its last movie came out. Yet even today, cutting across ages, there are millions of Harry Potter fans. [...]

Grammar Nazi

Very often, when someone is too particular about the correct usage of a language, they are labelled as Grammar Nazis. Many people find them extremely irritating and they have their reasons for it. After all, this is the age of technology where almost everyone is using all kind of shortcuts in order to text faster. Almost [...]

A Little Bit of Chandler Bing

Remember those episodes on Friends named The One That Could Have Been: Parts 1 and 2? That is where the central six characters wonder how different their lives would have been if they had taken essentially different decisions than what they actually had at critical points in their lives. The good part was that, as they realized at the end [...]