A Little Bit of Chandler Bing

Remember those episodes on Friends named The One That Could Have Been: Parts 1 and 2? That is where the central six characters wonder how different their lives would have been if they had taken essentially different decisions than what they actually had at critical points in their lives. The good part was that, as they realized at the end of the episodes, no matter what route they had taken, eventually they would have wound up at their destiny.

The one that intrigued me most was the storyline of Chandler Bing. It is in those episodes that we realize that Chandler had always secretly wanted to write. It made perfect sense since he had a penchant for witty one-liners. What was usually described as the outcome of his need to cover up his awkwardness with comedy was finally given another interesting explanation.

But who could otherwise have ever imagined the man mostly dressed in immaculate suits and carrying a briefcase to work to have been wanting to jump out of that prim and propah image! Look at those comfy pyjamas, T-shirts and caps he effortlessly slides into to take on his role as a writer!! And to not talk about money in this scenario would be so not right. Chandler was beyond doubt the best earning person out of all six friends. But there are certain things in life for which one is fine with waiting – even if it is for money. They are the things one loves. In Chandler’s case, it was writing.

How many of us are pulling off a Chandler Bing in real life? Dressed in our office-wear, we walk out of our home every morning, counting the number of days left to the weekend. All the while, we carry within ourselves a dream. A dream to do something we love. A dream to be happy. A dream to write.

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