Grammar Nazi

Very often, when someone is too particular about the correct usage of a language, they are labelled as Grammar Nazis. Many people find them extremely irritating and they have their reasons for it. After all, this is the age of technology where almost everyone is using all kind of shortcuts in order to text faster. Almost everyone. So it is this small fraction of people who are not doing so and picking on those who are, become the nitpickers.

I would not call myself a Grammar Nazi. But there are times when I have seen raised eyebrows facing me, which might suggest otherwise. Moreover, I have even come across instances where people have beforehand mentioned that there might be grammatical errors which may have to be overlooked in the written piece that they were handing me. That’s what got me thinking.

But is it really fair to blame those who are just being particular? Quite a few people will argue that the purpose of any language is primarily communication. If that channel is smoothly traversed between two or more people in a conversation, then its purpose is served and there is nothing to be bothered about. But in this very point lies a loophole. Only those who know us and our mannerisms well might always be able to understand exactly what we were trying to say. But a new person might not. Why unnecessarily make someone go through the phase of ambiguity when already over years a certain standard has been developed? Time is the most important commodity today. Respect other’s time too who are on the receiving end of your shortcuts.

Also, more than often, the so-called Grammar Nazis are not aware that they are making others uncomfortable. So if someone is really overdoing it, then please feel free to gently let them know. Chances are that they will bite their tongues till absolutely necessary. Also, when needed, you will have your very own walking and talking grammar check!

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