Why J.K. Rowling Rules

We all love the Harry Potter books. And the movies. And the stuff related to them. Have you ever wondered why? Think about it. The books were first published decades ago. It has even been years since its last movie came out. Yet even today, cutting across ages, there are millions of Harry Potter fans. What is so powerful about Harry’s world? What kind of magic is it?

I would give the credit to the woman who started it all – J.K. Rowling. Of course, everyone who came after her, be it the people of the literary or film business, worked extremely hard to take the charm forward. But nothing would have happened without her brilliant idea.

Rowling took up universal and simplistic themes like friendship, courage and loyalty to again and again bind them well with her super-theme of love. She appealed to the goodness in us, to that part of us that we wanted to be. She appealed to the child in us. That’s why so many of us don’t mind rereading or rewatching the story we already know by-heart. She makes us happy.

Not just that. The way Rowling does it is also important. There is a certain  honesty in her writing. She puts across the most complex topics in the simplest of ways. Take for example the iconic one-word answer uttered by Severus Snape, “Always.” No one can put a cap on the number of years someone remains in our heart. For Snape, Lily would stay there always. This one word changed our perception of hatred of years toward Snape.

Thus we laughed and cried along with the characters. We engaged in Harry Potter’s world. We felt Rowling’s magic. That is why she still rules our hearts. ♡

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