The Talkers versus the Quiet

We have all seen both the talkers and the quiet. Depending on our luck, we might have come across too many or too few of any one kind. While the talkers find the quiet difficult to understand, weird or at times even rude, the quiet fully reciprocate their feelings!

But I will let you in on a secret – or rather fact. There is no such demarcation as the talkers or the quiet. These are all only labels posed by people to camouflage their true selves. Nobody likes to talk all the time. Nobody likes to be quiet forever. It is just something they have gotten used to doing every time they face a situation, no matter how small. It is a voluntary reaction that has been incorporated so deep into their conscience that after sometime it becomes involuntary.

But that doesn’t mean that either kind doesn’t want to break free of their particular mould. Trust me, the talkers, once comfortable with someone, are good with long silences and no one can talk as much as the quiet if they are really interested in someone or something.

There is enough chirpiness as well as restraint in everyone. All that is needed is the right environment to bring it forth. It is not a world of the talkers versus the quiet. It is a world of actors, each trying to drown the reality in unending talk or silence.

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