If Only We Could

If only we could, we would... How many times have we thought the above and left this sentence and so many dreams associated with it incomplete? If only the time was right... If only the place was right... If only the situation was right... If only, if only... So many dreams have been buried under [...]

We, the Google Generation

Few days ago, Google celebrated its twentieth birthday. What started out as a proper noun - the name of a search engine - is now also a vividly used verb. Now-a-days, if in doubt about just anything, we simply Google it. Google Chrome is our one-stop for all topics under the sun - entertainment, news, [...]

The Power of Words

One of the most unforgettable moments in the life of a mother is when her baby utters its first word clearly. Slowly these words multiply in number every day till the child has a solid vocabulary to choose from. And so does their power... The way words can influence us, hardly anything else can. In [...]

Cut Out the Negativity

For sure, at some point there would have been someone who tried their very best to infuse negativity in your life. You might be coming face to face with that person even today. It could be anyone - your boss, relative, neighbour or a random person on the road. They baffle, irritate and provoke. They [...]

Superiority of Languages

It is extremely common to find people who think that their language is superior to others'. It has a lot to do with the environment one is brought up in, hearing and speaking the same kind of words over and over and over. So years later, when one ventures out of their hometown and comes [...]