Best – Suited Stream

“Yet another seminar…” thought Mia in low spirits.

Mia was usually fine with sitting through seminars. But it was the character of that particular kind of seminars that she did not like. The one which was about to take place was one of the many that her school had organised to help teenagers come of a clear mind about the stream they were to choose for senior school – arts, commerce or science.

Those seminars had a set pattern. The teens were required to answer about half a century of questions, add up their marks and then listen to descriptive sermons regarding the scope of the stream that was “best – suited” for them.

“Excited? I am!” chirped Charlotte beside Mia.

“I already know which category I will fall in,” said Mia quietly.

“We all know which category you will fall in! Science, of course, brainy girl!!” Charlotte beamed.

Mia smiled at her classmate and then quickly looked down at her questionnaire. She went on to answer each question with utter honesty.

Later on, when the results came, like Charlotte, no one was interested in asking Mia which stream the seminar’s personality calculator thought best for her. They all already knew. It had to be Science.

On the way back to her classroom, Mia slowly opened her result. She sighed as she stared absent-mindedly at what she knew in her heart of hearts. In bold, it read – ARTS.

More often than not, the world is tough on they who it thinks can easily carry the burden of its expectations. More often than not, to please the world, those people end up failing themselves.

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