You are my Topic

Fellow bloggers, how do you decide which topic to write on? Isn’t that usually the most difficult part of any kind of written piece? That is because once that hurdle is passed, the rest becomes relatively easy. So how do you decide?

Is it what you enjoy the most or don’t? Is it what you wish to pursue or something you would warn the entire world against? Is it just some hot news that catches your eye or something that has been a part of your life for years? Be it of any of these categories, one thing is sure – you care about it enough to put it down into your own words. It matters to you.

Our writing is a reflection of who we are. The more serious we are about this art, the closer it is to our reality.

So no matter what we write on, no matter how varying our styles, no matter how far our philosophies of life, I just have two words for everyone – WRITE ON! Because there would be as many different kind of topics as there are people. And there is more than enough space for all of us!

As for me, I accept that every time I said that it did not matter, it did. Every time I tried to explain myself, it mattered more. Every tiny bit of it did. Why? Because it pushed me to write.

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