Priority List

Ever since she was a kid, Mia had wished to participate in a particular Seniors’ Elocution Competition. She had sat through the long speeches given by others, whether she understood most of it or not. She liked being in the same room as all those people who were passionate about their views as well as oratory. One day, she hoped positively, she would make the transition from the silent audience to the speaking participant. One day…

That day did arrive. She did participate and win. It was everything, if not more, that she had always imagined it to be. The sheer satisfaction of being on-stage and speaking her mind! The applause never mattered much to her. What was most important was that she did her job to her very best. The next year too, she participated and won. But it was the third and final year where things started changing.

Mia was then in the twelfth grade. Just like everyone had expected, she had taken up Science. That meant all of her weekdays were jam – packed with multiple school assignments. Her weekends lost power to her gruelling coaching classes to ensure she ended up in a good engineering college.

In spite of all this, Mia was ready to make out time for being a part of the Elocution competition – one last time. That is when the Priority List was waved in full force on her face. She was told that she should keep her eyes on the bigger goal. One lecture missed for the competition would mean her lagging behind her class in what was supposed to eventually become her calling. Also, had not she been there and done that twice, so why bother a third time?

Apparently, the Priority List does not take into consideration what someone really really wants. It is all about what everyone else thinks the person needs.

Thus, Mia understood and followed the List. Yet, she could not help her eyes welling up when she closed the door behind her. It was the door to all things that were not on the List.

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