Superiority of Languages

It is extremely common to find people who think that their language is superior to others’. It has a lot to do with the environment one is brought up in, hearing and speaking the same kind of words over and over and over. So years later, when one ventures out of their hometown and comes across people using a different tongue, the love for their mother tongue surges like a tsunami. A tsunami so gigantic that riding on its top, at times one even starts to look down on all other languages.

Have not we all witnessed situations where two people strike an immediate bond, thanks to a common tongue? Of course, that is good. But it begins to look a little less than good when a third person who is an old acquaintance is left out of the conversation because it is happening with words that are only strange sounds to them. There is nothing wrong with taking pride (of the positive kind) in your language. But assuming that everybody else’s is any less is wrong.

If I am asked which is my favourite language, I won’t be able to answer. That is so because I am a lover of all languages. I love learning new ones as well as cherishing my old. It is like asking me about my favourite flower! Another question to which I have no reply because I really, really love all flowers – big or small, fragrant or not and of any colour.

Every language has a rich history and they who love it ensure it of a thriving present. In each, there are always certain words that have a unique ring and capacity to express something spot-on, which other languages cannot do. We just need to look closely. Closely enough that the tsunami in us calms down and we are able to appreciate the magnitude of a new language.

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