Cut Out the Negativity

For sure, at some point there would have been someone who tried their very best to infuse negativity in your life. You might be coming face to face with that person even today. It could be anyone – your boss, relative, neighbour or a random person on the road. They baffle, irritate and provoke. They bring out the worst in us.

So how do we handle them? We do not allow any nonsense. We do not allow them to bring out the worst in us. We do not react. Instead, we respond. Respond as clearly as you can. It should be your response, not their anticipated reaction. The moment we make it all about ourselves, they begin to lose their power – the power which they so heartily wanted to trap us in. Try it and you will see it in their eyes. The same bafflement and irritation that they were invoking in us a little ago will be back at them in no time.

Every second counts. Don’t even deign to waste one on someone not worth your while. Cut out the negativity. Life is so much better without it.

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