Blogging More and More and More

We all blog. We all put a part of ourselves out there for all to see around the world. Some of us blog less and some of us more. I belonged to the former category. In fact, there was a gap of two years between my first and second post! Then how come I am slowly making a transition to the latter category? One incident changed it all.

I always prided myself on my ability to solve Sudoku puzzles. But then one day, I happened to meet someone who beat me with a huge time-margin. He was seventy years old! On being asked how he was so good at it, he calmly replied that he had been solving close to eleven puzzles daily. Eleven!

That number dumbfounded me! I was filled with awe of the discipline that he had conformed himself to for what he enjoyed doing. Though I lost, I got a lesson for life. I love to write. But I do that also so less. If that man could do so with what he loved, what on earth is stopping me? What is stopping all of us?

The analogy that comes to my mind is that of sobriety. When an alcoholic decides to give up drinking and lead a more fulfilled life, they are advised to take one day at a time. Slowly, these days stretch into months and eventually years. Blogging or writing gives us a sense of fulfilment too. It is difficult in the beginning. But slowly and steadily, it becomes better. Distractions or temptations keep cropping up every day but we have to make a conscious effort to keep going.

Fellow bloggers, we blog because we love to write. Let us do it more. And more. And more. Let us inspire more. To blogging!

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