Do YOU Trust Yourself?

The entrance exam results were out. Mia was supposed to take these very set of exams the next year. But she knew some seniors whose fate would have been sealed that day. One of them was a dear friend of hers. So she called her up.

“Hi,” spoke Mia into the phone.

“I didn’t make it,” came Abby’s voice from the other end. She knew that she would have to give that answer somewhere in the middle of the conversation. She just was not in the mood of small talk.

Mia felt bad for her, more so because she knew that Abby had really wanted to clear those tests. She finally said, “Something better would be in store for you.” Those were the right words for the occasion.

“But now you listen to me carefully. Forget about me. I am sure that you will make it! Just a little hard work and you will be in. Are you listening to me?” said Abby.

Mia was lost for words. She was taken aback by the confidence of her friend in her.

“Mia?” asked Abby.

“Yeah, yeah, I am listening,” said Mia.

“Just a little hard work and you will be fine. I know it,” repeated Abby.

“Let’s see,” said Mia.

“I trust you!” said Abby.

Mia was quiet again. Grateful as she was for her friend’s kind thoughts, there was one question that she would have very much liked someone to ask her that day. It was –

“Do YOU trust yourself?”

That was because then she would have answered in a big fat NO.

After all, how do you trust yourself to excel in something you don’t really want from life? You can push yourself to a limit but beyond it, there is nothing that you can do.

Her friends said she could. Her relatives said she could. Her teachers said she could. But her heart just didn’t know. Finally, she could not.

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