Together For Sixty-Two Years

“They were married for sixty-two years, till he died yesterday,” this is how their son described his parents’ life to visitors at their home who came to comfort the bereaved family.

As the recently-widowed aged woman of eighty pushed back a tear, her son gently spoke again, “Why are you crying? You lived a most fulfilling life with him. Sixty-two years, Ma! Hardly anyone gets so lucky!”

He then faced the visitors, “They used to celebrate every occasion together – every festival, every birthday, every wedding anniversary. Not only this, they were the ones who pushed us to do the same with our lives – spend more time with our spouse. They encouraged us to go out every Sunday and discover a new place together.”

I wish if this was just a story. But it is not. And that is what makes it so heart-warming, inspite of its recent sad turn. Especially for a young generation like ours, it is mind-boggling to imagine two people sharing their lives for so long and being happy and teaching others to be happy together.

I wish such happiness for more and more people. I wish may I be one of them.

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