We, the Google Generation

Few days ago, Google celebrated its twentieth birthday. What started out as a proper noun – the name of a search engine – is now also a vividly used verb. Now-a-days, if in doubt about just anything, we simply Google it.

Google Chrome is our one-stop for all topics under the sun – entertainment, news, sports, weather – you name it! More than that, it has moved over to our personal space too in the form of our umpteen mails exchanged (Gmail), the places we traverse with the help of its mapping system (Google Maps), the contacts we nurture on its accounts (Google+), the endless videos we watch as well as put up (YouTube), the playlists we create according to our specific taste in music (Play Music), the safe trove of stuff that matters too much for us (Google Drive), the place where many of us download other needed apps (Play Services) and so on.

Google has introduced us to a whole new way of life. Only they who have lived without it would completely understand how much easier it has made things that we, the Google generation, take for granted. We are so dependent on it that we cannot imagine life without it. Gone are the days when people would flip through dictionaries to find the meaning of a word. Now, we just Google it.

I once joked to someone, “What if one day Google crashes all over, to no repair? Beyond doubt, we would all crash with it too!” That’s precisely the reason why so many people work hard behind it, to keep us afloat.

The endeavour which started with the dream of two young men created a generation. Today, billions are proud of it. Long live, Google!

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