That Intruder Called Love

Love does not knock on your door. Love knocks down your door!

Think of the person or thing that you love the most. Is it not the very person or thing that drives you crazy like no other? That is because it consumes you. It is like that fire that keeps you going but at the same time can set your entire being ablaze, more likely in a devastating manner. It is like the intruder who catches you by surprise when you least expect and keeps knocking down the doors of your perception, life systems and heart.

Everyone loves differently. Everyone’s manner of expressing love is different as are the definitions of love for everyone. So when we expect someone to love exactly the way we do, respond the way we would and refrain the way we want, we end up in disappointment. It is actually not the other person who is the cause of disappointment but our own expectations. That causes the disruption in our lives. That causes the intrusion effect. That causes the hurt.

Nevertheless, if it really is love, it remains. It sustains. It refuses to leave.

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