Our Writing Changes With Us

Has it ever happened to you that years after you wrote something, you read it and were like, “I wrote this???” The words in front of your eyes seemed to be painting a picture that looked a little silly, over-the-top or at times even unrelatable? Yet, you know for a fact that you did indeed write that. It is in your very own handwriting or under the title has your name typed out in bold characters.

It has happened to me. More than once. In fact, it has happened to me so many times that I have lost count. At first, my reaction used to be embarrassment. “Oh, how could I be so stupid?! Life doesn’t work out like that!! Who writes like this???” thought I, feeling aghast. With time, my reaction also matured. I started giving myself the leeway based on the age at which I wrote what I did. If today, I hear a teenager talk about a certain topic in a certain way, I would not care much of the accuracy of the “facts” stated or judge them because of their style of presenting. That is so for I understand that is how someone of that age will think. If I can give this leeway to someone else, so can I to a teenaged myself.

Our writing is a reflection of who we are. It might also incorporate our past experiences as well as our future aspirations. But more than anything else, it is about our present. Our current state of mind, people we are in touch with and environment will affect us, which in turn will influence our writing. So when any of these factors change, so does our writing.

So don’t be embarrassed of what you wrote ages ago. You had to go through that phase to become the person you now are. There was no other way around. And you will change more, with every passing day. So will your writing.

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