Paint Me Pink

“Seriously, pink?”

“Oh, yeah! Why not??”

It is believed that a person’s favourite colour says a lot about that person. Yet, when anyone declares pink as their best-liked hue, eyebrows are raised. If it is a woman who says so, she is deemed as too girly – someone who never really grew up. And if it is a man, well, he is proclaimed gay. No second thoughts.

Please explain to me if you can as to how having a drab colour as your favourite makes you any more mature or manly. If at all, it makes you just like many others. Not one in the majority of people with moderate taste but one in the sea of people afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve! Every day is different and so is every person’s mood accordingly. How can someone keep wearing the same black or white or grey day after day after day? It just means that you have given in to the monotony of life and refuse to infuse your heart’s desire, even in a small thing as your wardrobe. And then you look down on they who dare to do so!

For those looking for technicality in the colour code and vying as to how a colour like pink has nothing much to say other than femininity, here’s my outlook on it. Pink is the combination of red and white. Red is a warm shade denoting aggression and passion. White is a cool hue which can mix up with any colour, losing itself in it to create something vividly new. Thus when red and white come together, comes into being the right balance of love. So when we choose pink, we choose love – not one that tramples everything in its way or has no qualms being trampled on. We choose to represent a love that knows how to balance the head and the heart.

If you still want to troll us for that, then troll on. We are way too secure to be scared off. We are way too proud. Pink makes us happy. We love pink and we flaunt it. Paint me pink!

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