When You Truly Care

Imagine this scenario. You have to be somewhere. Some people are counting on you. It could have a long-term effect on you. But there is a small hitch and you end up not going.

What will people say when they get to know about it? If they like you, they will try to find out the reason of your not being there and even make an effort to sympathise with you. But if they don’t like you, they will just say that you would have made it if you really cared.

At times, our opponents see through us better than our well-wishers. They don’t have to look good in front of us so they call a spade a spade. And they are right.

If we truly care about something, then least of all, we will show up. We might be clueless about how to go about it yet we will show up. We will hope to figure stuff out while at it. We will hope for miracles. But we will be there.

If you are confused as to if you should be doing something or not or if you should be with someone or not, look back on how much effort you have put into those activities or people. You might not want to give yourself an accurate assessment at first. But remember that more than anyone else, it is your precious time that you are wasting on something or someone you don’t have your heart into.

Only if you truly care, it is worth it. Else not.

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