Be a blessing if you really want one.

We all love it when someone says to us, “God bless you!” It sounds so much better than “thank you” or “good day” or “take care” or any other sort of closing remark. No matter how low we are feeling, it gives us a little hope. It gives us a streak of positivity, even if for just a while. But more than that, doesn’t it feel better when someone actually does something good for us?

Blessings are often not just words. They are acts – of love, compassion, kindness, courage and instinct. None of us have it all. None of us are completely satisfied or happy. So whenever someone performs such an act for us, we embrace it with both hands. We welcome it as a blessing.

If we can receive it with so much enthusiasm, then why not give away as much as we can? For what goes around comes around. Call it karma or the way of the world or simple human reaction, it exists.

It is easy to bless someone you care about. But when you bless a stranger, that is when you are doing the real deal. After all, people we love won’t always be there to help us when we are in need. More often than not, it is the kindness of strangers that carries us through. So sow as many good seeds as far as possible. You never know from where you will be reaping a harvest.

Finally, don’t be a miser with sharing your blessing. It costs absolutely nothing. But pays back with unimaginable interest! God bless you!

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