When A Woman Speaks

You like it when we sing. You love it when we whisper sweet nothings. You fall for us when we smile saying nothing. But when we speak – speak aloud – about issues that really bother us as women, most of you turn a deaf ear. Men!

I know some really courteous men. They know how to act around a woman, respect her as well as treat her as an equal. They would show the same amount of concern and confidence in a lady as they would in a female of their family. But not everyone is like them.

The moment a woman speaks up about how a man is making her uncomfortable or has already crossed the line, she is hit by an avalanche of allegations and questions from every side. This is not the medieval age yet a lot of expectations from women are still medieval. She who remains quiet is lauded as an example for others, to maintain the peace in lives. She who speaks up is labelled as a trouble-maker.

Guys, women are not as complicated as pop culture has majorly portrayed them. At least in the case of attraction, it is pretty simple. If she likes you, she will make it obvious. Not just to your imagination, but also to everyone else’s eyes. If she does not, back off. It will save her from discomfort and you from embarrassment. For no matter what they have been taught, the women of today won’t remain silent for long. They will speak up.

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