We In Our Stories

Every story we write may have different characters, settings and themes. But there is a constant that always slides in effortlessly in each of them. That constant is us – the writer. Here, I am not referring to the style of the author but the characteristics that the author possesses as a person.

 Somehow, somewhere, there is some character which is a lot like us, physically or behaviorally. Some character faces a situation like we faced in life. Some character ends up doing something we always dreamt of. Whether in name or not, we as authors are always there.

We might consciously put in the traits of people we know into our characters or let our imagination run wild in other cases. But our own infusion into the story is something we do subconsciously. We know ourselves the most so it is no surprise that we end up taking inspiration also from ourselves.

At times, we don’t want to accept this fact – especially when people who are close to us point it out. We simply quip that we just imagined such and such stuff for the character. But we do realize that those people are not completely wrong. It is indeed us that we are talking about in our stories.

Art is a mirror of life. So let’s hold out that mirror of ourselves proudly before the world. After all, anything or anyone that inspires is a blessing. So are we to ourselves and our stories.

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