Why Not To Give Up

Let’s make a pro-con list.

Number of reasons to give up: hundreds

Number of reasons to press on – hard: only one

Then WHY still keep going? Why when everything is going against us and there is not the faintest hope that things will improve? Why when we ourselves have sort of given in to the idea of how the odds of us failing are way, way more than succeeding?

We go on because of one reason. It is that reason because of which we started in the first place. That reason made us want to put in some effort, energy, money and time. The reason could be anything – personal happiness, independence, need or anything under the sun. No matter how small, it is important because it is important to us! We owe it to that reason!

Believe me, the toughest part is getting started. Once we have kick started the ball, we just have to keep it rolling. Keep it rolling with all we have, in the sun and the rain. Keep going! Don’t give up! Ever!

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