OCDs Like Sheldon’s

Penny once called Sheldon “a creature of habit” in the hit show The Big Bang Theory. Anyone who has seen the show knows how right Penny was for Sheldon had an obsessive compulsive disorder for too many things under the sun. From his Sheldonian calender which had a clearly marked food menu and demarcation of chores for every day of the week to “his spot” where only he would ever sit to his strict time-table, the list goes on. Sheldon is the king of OCDs. But don’t we all know someone who does something just as silly (in our eyes) and has made a proud habit of it? Don’t we know our very own Sheldon?

What got me thinking was a friend of mine. She is quite sensible, relatively easy-going and even loves The Big Bang Theory like me. She is also a voracious reader and surprisingly here lies her Achilles heel. She really, really, really loves her books. That makes her a little hesitant in lending them for she thinks that others might not take as good care of them as she would. Heaven forbid, if someone ends up picking one of her books, especially the ones that are her favourites (which are quite a few, by the way) and makes any small alteration, no matter how small, to them, she goes berserk. One tiny dog ear anywhere and she will be ready to scratch your eyes out!

She knows that she is obsessed with her books and their upkeep in a particular way. And she is fine with this OCD. She thinks it is inextricable to her and sort of makes her who she is.

I accept her explanation because somewhere or the other we all have our peculiarities. They could be related to food or hygiene or hobbies or mannerisms or superstitions or anything else at all. What might be totally normal to us might be unacceptable to others and vice-versa. Yet we remain friends with them. We agree to disagree with them. Because that is what friends do.

So the next time you spot a Sheldon, don’t judge him or her too quickly. Three other people might be eyeing you as their Sheldon. Live and let live.

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