Daddy’s Daughter, Daddy’s ‘Precious’

Remember how Gollum used to call the ring “my precious” in The Lord of the Rings? How his eyes were always on it and how he was ready to go to any extent for it? How he was madly in love with it? Strange as it may seem but that is what I got reminded of when I saw a father with his daughter!

On my way back from work, quite a few times I have seen a young man who might be in his late twenties. He is the sort of good-looking that people will turn to give him a second look. I ended up giving him more than two when I saw who was walking hand in hand with him. It was a little girl, say of about two years of age. He was walking very slowly to match her pace. All the while, he kept looking at her with eyes full of concern, caution and love. It seemed as if his very life was trapped inside her! That is how I knew that it was his own daughter. My last glance just reaffirmed it when I saw their similar facial features.

On another occasion, he was holding her in his arms while walking swiftly. Apparently, he was really tired that day and didn’t have the patience for matching steps with a toddler. Still, he held her so delicately as though she would crumble under any excess pressure. It was care extraordinaire!

On yet another evening, the little girl was incessantly jabbering away into her father’s ear. He looked tired yet he was listening. Maybe, he wasn’t really catching on every word but at least he made it seem to her that he was.

I couldn’t help smiling to myself every time I saw them. But that day, my smile was broader than usual. It was so because I knew in sometime, I would be slipping into the girl’s role. I was on the way to meet my father. That girl was about two and her father was in his late twenties. I am in my late twenties and my father is in his late fifties. But the father – daughter equation is just the same. Yes, we quarrel like crazy at times but for the most part, I am his little girl, his “precious”.

There are many beautiful things to look around at. Yet, there is hardly anything as beautiful as a father taking care of his daughter. A man taking care of a girl, utterly unconditionally.

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