Happiness Through Food

“What makes you really happy?” This is a question that will invoke numerous varying answers from different people. But somewhere in everyone’s list will surely be a few food items. After all, there is a reason why food is beyond doubt the most important basic necessity of life! We need to eat to live. But at times, it does more than that. It makes us happy!

Don’t we all have those blue days? Right from the morning, nothing seems to be going right. Everything is a mess. But then you open your lunch box and see a food item in it packed by your mother. She loves you and knows how much you love to eat it. That food finally makes you smile! That love makes you smile.

What about those of you who live away from their parents? You know well enough that you have the responsibility to make yourself happy. So you end up going out to your favourite restaurant with your friends to devour that lip-smacking dish of which you can never get enough. Friends and food together are a fool-proof gateway to happiness!

If staying in is what is on your mind that particular day, then at times nothing beats ordering a large pizza and savouring it all by yourself, without the pressure of being judged. Or emptying a jar of Nutella or a bucket of ice-cream!

Some people live to eat. If you are one of them, you very well understand what I am talking about! Some people, on the other hand, eat to live. If you are one of them, then also come on! We all get hangry (a mixture of the words hungry and angry) when our body badly demands eating. Food is the way out. That’s when food means happiness!

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