At times, we really, really want something. The odds might be against us yet we want it. But the sad part is that there is not much that we can do about it. Though there is always one thing that we can – wherever, whenever, however! We can believe.

It might sound a little too positive or even foolish. But when someone yearns for something in the truest sense, nothing is ever too much! Also, if we were cautious and realistic every single time, we would not even dare to dream – ever.

It could be anything that makes you want to believe. It could be your dream job, the love of your life or just peace of mind. It is your story, after all and so be unabashed about your goal.

We only have one life. So let’s rather live it outright positively, wishing hard for something good to happen. It will make the journey worthwhile.

No matter what they say, believe! No matter how difficult, believe! Just believe!!!

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