The Reason to Smile

As a child, whenever someone smiled at me just as a courtesy, I never smiled back. Even when my mother asked me to, I did not.

My explanation was a question, “Why???”

“Because it is polite,” Mom would reply.

“But why should I smile without a reason? They did not crack a joke,” I would reiterate.

“They smiled at you so you also smile,” she would try to explain.

“Not a reason enough!” I would shrug.

With the years, I have changed – thankfully for the better in this matter. I also found more than a single reason to smile, even if just for courtesy’s sake.

When someone smiles at us, even if we are very tired or sad, we should try to smile back. There are enough people in the world trying to make us cry, knowingly or unknowingly. Here before us stands someone making an effort to do the opposite. We should appreciate that. Thus we smile.

Also, if they are smiling means that probably they are happy. They are just finding a way to spread this happiness. In no way, do we have the right to dampen their day with our unresponsive face or worse, frown. Turn those lips upwards for just a moment. You have the entire day before you to wallow in self-pity. Thus we smile.

We smile back for the sake of the other person than ours. No matter how much we earn, we can all afford to do this. Practise it at home if you need to. But do it. If you still need another reason, what about this? Because Mia told you to!

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