Wheelchair Love

What is your first reaction when you see someone on a wheelchair? Empathy, pity? Surprisingly, mine today was, “I want something like that!” So much so that my eyes welled up…

An old woman was on a wheelchair, with her right hand upright in a weird manner and her face sort of permanently turned slightly right. Behind her, helping the wheelchair move, was a man just as old as her. Not a sign of discomfort or tiredness or obligation was on his face. Instead, he looked so happy! He was looking with interest at the shops as they passed beside them on the corridors of the posh market. She was also looking as much as she could, even though her face could not express anything. Nonetheless, they were having a good day, together!

There were so many things that made this couple make me stop in my tracks out of astoundment. One, they were both quite old. Still, he was taking care of her. Two, they were in a commercial area where coming, going and moving around could be quite a hassle. Still, he decided to bring her along. Three, they were foreigners, which means that they knowingly took this overseas trip together. Four, the happiness on his face. He was happy to be with her.

Obviously, they have money to be able to accomplish all this. But more than that, they have love. It was so obvious! Even in the dusk of their life and in spite of whatever ugly surprise fate threw at them, they want to enjoy their life. And they want it do it with each other. Apparently, this is the true meaning of the part of the wedding vow, “… in sickness and in health…”

I want that.

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