A Story’s Expiry Date

They say, nothing lasts forever. Everything comes with an expiration date. So what is the expiration date of a story? When does it stop making any sense? When does it lose its impact?

Every story is placed in some context of time, place and the reigning standards. It will be a hundred percent true to all those factors. Does that mean that as soon as you take it beyond its geography and generation, it loses its grasp on the readers? No, indeed! We all can instantaneously name at least one story that we love, which was written ages ago in another country far from ours. So then what is the answer to the question I set out with?

The truth is that for a good story, there is NO expiration date. A good story has the power to easily transcend all barriers. Instead, it is passed on from generation to generation with pride. More importantly, it is well-received too. At times, our lives might be nothing like that of the characters, yet we like them. We laugh and cry with them. We root for them. A good story takes us into its world and makes us its own.

So write. Write without fear. If your story is good, it will find its place in people’s hearts. It might take time. But it will happen. I promise.

2 thoughts on “A Story’s Expiry Date

  1. Very well put. Good writing is timeless. Evergreen. It doesn’t go bad. It is why I try not to reference too much from a time period when writing. I don’t feel fully connected with this world, now, anyway.

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