Bonding Over Food

Did you ever feel like you wanted to eat this and that and also that, but tried to keep calm lest others might judge you? And then, voila! You find someone with a food urge just like you. Boy, are you glad!

Enjoying food alone is also pretty satisfactory. But having someone along for the ride makes it so much better! I was never one of those who loved food for a very, very long time. I was quite a late bloomer in this case. But once it happened, I felt like I had a hungry hag inside my stomach! I was ready to devour anything worth eating, although still my taste remained very refined and I continued to pin-point the subtle victories and loses incurred by the cook. I was in love – with food.

One unexpected problem that it posed was that I couldn’t find the same enthusiasm for food in others around me – especially my friends. Yes, we ate together but they were not foodies. That was until I got back in touch with an old friend.

Our conversation never started anywhere remotely close to food. But once we met, in a restaurant, and ended up ordering about four times and dissecting the details of the food with our words, one thing was clear. We were both foodies! Ever since, I keep getting lists of places that we should try together. We reconnected over food!

Usually, food is just an additive whereas other “more important” stuff like relationship chatter, work problems etc. take center-stage when friends meet. To have it the other way around, once in a while with at least one friend, feels really nice. Try it if you already have not. It is so worth it!

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