Never Ever Again

Never ever again will I ______ !”

Everyone who has ever used this phrase put up your hand. Chances are that each person reading this post will. It could be related to any sphere of our life – relationships, work or even in general. At some point, we have all staunchly resolved to not repeat something, for better or for worse. But then, there’s the catch – we have all done it again!

Why? Why do we fall for the same trap when we have been in it before and know exactly how deep it goes? Or how much it hurts? It is certainly not because we are fools. It is because we are hopelessly in love with hope!

We wish and pray that this time around, everything works out better. We risk taking another chance. We give another try. We call it destiny but it is we who let it happen. We call ourselves stupid and the people around us not smart enough to stop us yet we are there, doing it.

Does it work out this time? Maybe and maybe not. If it does, well and good. If not, well, there we go saying, “Never ever again will I _____ !”

The point is it’s okay. It is okay to be courageous. It is okay to be hopeful. It is okay to be human. Nobody blames us as much for our decisions as we ourselves. So, cut yourself some slack. You are eventually going to be fine – just like last time!

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