Only Dreaming, No Doing

When she signed up for the architecture course of five long years, the only thing Mia was sure about was that she had more than enough time to become an author. She thought that somehow, something will happen and she would find herself writing everyday thereafter. She dreamed how “very soon” she would no longer draw but write.

Do you know what happened after five long years? She became an architect, not an author. She became what she was pretending to be in front of the world, not who she really was inside.

She was uneasy. She was dismal. She cried. She screamed. She couldn’t quite understand why that “something” never happened to her. Till she finally got the answer. All along, she was only dreaming and not doing.

If you really want something badly, you have got to drag your ass up and start working towards it. No matter how difficult. No matter what!

So there she was finally – doing. That is how Mia Winhertt wrote her first book.

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