Art of Appreciation

“Hey, but what is the point in appreciating a perfectionist?” asked Dennis.

Exactly the same that there is in appreciating anyone who has put in some effort, duh!

People do things for two reasons. Either they are trying to please others or themselves. In the first case, they clearly are looking for appreciation. In the second, though they are not desperate for it, yet they would not mind some appreciation. Everyone likes to be appreciated.

So, don’t be a miser when it is your chance to give a little of it to someone. Especially when you have been just appreciated. Don’t think that they might have already heard it a million times or it won’t matter to them or they might take it in a wrong way. Trust me, they will like it! They will like you for it. They will remember how you made them feel. For you never know what someone is going through and chances are that you might be making their day!

Also, what goes around comes around. Make someone feel good today. Tomorrow, you will be on the receiving end. So appreciate others. Learn the art of appreciation.

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