He Who Yearned to be a Dog

Do you think life never drastically changes? That it is impossible in reality? Read on and I bet to prove you wrong with a true story.

He was born in a backward caste at a time when the caste system enjoyed a stronghold in his country. He spent his boyhood in a small continuously leaking hut made of coconut leaves because his family could not afford to arrange for a new set of leaves every year. He wanted to study but had no money to buy books or stationary. Food was a luxury he could only dream of because there was hardly any at “home.”

One day, he pleaded with a well-off kid, “Hey, I have heard that your house has a terrace. I have never seen one. Can I please come and see it at your place?”

After some time of denying his request, the other kid finally agreed but asked him to come at a time when his parents won’t be home because they would be completely against it.

At the appointed day and time, he arrived at the rich kid’s house. He was overwhelmed by everything he saw, from the chairs to the china to the curtains. He did see the terrace but what left him the most awestruck was outside the grand house.

Inside a clean little kennel, sat a Pomeranian dog. Beside her was kept a big white bowl full of chicken bones.

His eyes filled with tears as he stood before the dog. Later, when someone asked him what he aspired to be when he grew up, unlike other boys who replied in very ambitious words, he said, “I really wish to be the dog in that rich kid’s house.”

This answer touched the ones who heard it and made them gather help to buy him books for school. His continuously improving academic rank made people notice him and further help him get scholarships. That is how he passed from school to college to further studies abroad. He went on to serve as ambassador of his nation to many others. Later, he entered politics and won three successive general elections and a seat in the Union Cabinet. In 1992, he was elected as the world’s biggest democracy’s Vice-President.

In 1997, he took oath in the role that he is remembered as widely in his nation. He became India’s tenth President.

He was His Excellency Kocheril Raman Narayanan, popularly known as K. R. Narayanan.

Once he had yearned to be a dog. Look where life and his hard work finally brought him!

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