Waiting for the One Day

“Have you seen the movie One Day?” I asked my friend, trying to make my point clear with an example. We both love movies so I thought that should help. “In that too, the hero, Dexter played by Jim Sturgess and the heroine, Emma played by Anne Hathaway know each other for decades before they decide to actually get together. If only they had seen that they belonged together earlier, they could have spent so much more time happily instead of going through all of the heartbreak and turmoil that they did on their own!”

“But then, they wouldn’t have become the people that they eventually did. Everything that they individually went through led to their own development and also made them perfect for each other at the right time,” she offered, not wanting to budge from her notion.

“What right time??? See, I don’t want to spoil the movie’s ending for you, in case you wish to see it some day. But, come on, they knew each other since their teenage and finally became a couple in their late thirties. That’s a very long time wasted!” I reiterated.

“That is how it works out for some people in real life too,” she said calmly.

I finally didn’t know how to get her to see my point. So I decided to be as clear as possible.

“She DIED! Soon after they got married, Emma died! That left Dexter devastated. That is how the movie ends,” I blurted out.

My friend was silent. She didn’t expect death. None of us expect death. But it comes. So is waiting for one day really worth it?

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