What’s in a Name?

The name we go by becomes our identity. It is something we hear innumerable times each day and every single time, we pay attention when it’s taken. It is what we are introduced as to people we might have never even come across. So many emotions connected to us ring in the hearts of people who know us when our name rings in their ears. Still, what is in a name?

Even with all the above taken into account, I believe one is more than their name. Way more. A few syllables may introduce us and help with the first impression. But they have no control over the lasting impression we make on someone. Just like our appearance, our name also has its limitations.

At the end, it all boils down to the fact that people forget what we say or do for them but they never forget how we make them feel. That is why names are forgotten easily but the person beneath one came to know remains firmly imprinted in the mind.

So what is in a name?
A jasmine would retain its fragrance even if called a cactus.

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