When Words Fail

Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how hard you thought, you just could not come up with any word? When you went BLANK? It happens when no amount of words, strung together even in the most beautiful manner, seem just “right.”

Today, I heard of a colleague who had a miscarriage. She and I were not even on talking terms for very long. But when I heard of what happened to her, something inside me felt quite strongly for her. It might have transpired from the fact that one of my closest friends recently had a baby and God knows how happy I was for her! Having seen her get through that entire journey along with her share of struggles gave me a sense of how big a deal it was for someone — especially the mother. So setting apart all my differences with my colleague, I decided to text her as she rested at home. That is when it happened.

No words came to me. None. Nothing seemed just enough. Either to soothe her or tell her how I empathised with her. Yet, I sent her a short message.

It is in times like these that hugs work wonders. A single warm hug says what a thousand words never could.

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