Those Last Few Hours Before Another Birthday

How do you feel just a few hours before you turn another year old? For kids, it is excitement. For teens, anticipation. For those who have seen quite a few of these, it stops mattering altogether (or so they say). But for some, especially those in the bracket of twenty-five to thirty, it’s a bit of a shock that takes a while to sink in…

Remember that episode from Friends where Rachel turns thirty and the rest of the group also recalls their own time? Trust me, it is very relatable. And the fact that only your friends in the same age bracket really understand you at that time is also very true.

We all end up asking ourselves, “Where did time go?! Where not we supposed to accomplish so much more by now?”

On one such occasion, my friend replied, “It’s the unconventional ones who make for the stories.”

I don’t know why I remembered this after so long. Maybe, the acceptance stage has finally set in. Or maybe, this is just a phase and the shock will eventually barge in. As for now, I have a good feeling about this one. ☺

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