How Much is Too Much?

They could be anyone — your partner, parent or friend. They say that they love you and thus they are doing what they are doing. They mean well, obviously. They have nothing but your best interest in mind. Most importantly, they remind you through everyday things that they love you.

Now, love is a funny thing. It makes people do funny things. All the while, everything seems completely fair and fine. But is it?

Could they too be wrong about something, sometime? Could they overdo things? Could they, in the aim of protecting you, end up hurting you?

The answer to all of the above is a sad but true yes. Though done unintentionally, no one can go as overboard as our very own.

It especially hurts when they do something inappropriate against someone else whom also we love just as much as them. So there we are, stuck in the midst of two people who are both important in our lives.

That is when it is too much. That’s when we must put our foot down firmly. If we can’t afford upsetting them, then the least we can do is not go by their advice and end up sabotaging what we have elsewhere. Listen but don’t act. At all. After all, if all our decisions were to be made by our loved ones, then why did God give us also a brain? In such situations, use your head.

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