No Regretting Till Lost

Appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.

This is how usually things work. Everything from relationships to career milestones to the apparently normal stuff like health. We take it all for granted. We assume that it is going to remain the way it is even if we don’t put in much of an effort. After all, isn’t effort put only into those that are not going well. Thus we are lazy. We sleep through the small tremors. We wake up only at the big quake — when everything starts falling apart.

That is where so much of regret rushes in. So many thoughts of what we could have done better. But alas! It is too late. Something has already been lost. Or has it?

If you think there is even the tiniest shred of hope that you can regain whatever has slipped from your hands, then just go for it. Don’t think too much. Just go for it! Sitting and regretting never got anyone anything back. Working one’s way back surely did!

In case there is no hope, then learn your lesson well. There will be other things worth cherishing in the future. Don’t allow to happen to them what you let with what you lost.

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