Let’s Give Chance a Chance

How will you ever know what could have been if we never gave it a chance? We can imagine all we want but never really know for sure. There will always be a teeny tiny possibility of the opposite kind. Yes, imagination is a good thing to have. Indeed, great. But give it a rest [...]

Go With That Gut Feeling

Confused? As to what to choose? It may be related to something as serious as your career option and life partner or as silly as the flavour of ice-cream to try. But there it is, staring in your face -- a choice to be made. So what do you do? See, I am all for [...]

Compliment or Not

"Am I supposed to take it as a compliment? Or not?" Sometimes said aloud, sometimes thought silently, the above line resonates with most of us. At times, people say such smartly-phrased things that we don't really know what to make of them. If they were positive or negative remains unclear. Worse still, there are times [...]