The Real Hero

A hero is not born From the laurels of glory, But from the memories Of those who witnessed the act. A hero need not have succeeded. They could have utterly failed. But their intent must have touched Those who saw them struggle. A hero need not have reaped Any of the fruits of their labour. [...]

Choosing a Gift

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special days etc. etc. One thing all of these have in common is the call for gifts. So how do you choose a gift? Are you like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in this matter? Do you try to gift people stuff that is closest to the amount they spent for [...]

That Time of the Year

A particular date, day, time and ocassion are imprinted in our minds like nothing else. It stands for something that impacted us a lot, in a negative manner. We might try a lot to forget it but come that time the next year, it will transport us back to that original time in our head. [...]