Don’t Relive the Last Year

There is a reason why after a set of 365 days, a brand new set of another 365 days begins. There is a reason why we call it a “new year.” It is an opportunity to start something anew, to do different things, to have another chance. It is about telling yourself to let go of the past and start building a new future.

It is all of the above only if we let it be. Not if we relive the past year of our life. Or God forbid, if we have been reliving the same year many, many times. Please don’t do it.

We all deserve so much more than the monotony we have settled for. Every one of us! So make whatever change it is that you wish you could. Don’t necessarily call it a “resolution.” But for whatever reason, don’t relive the last year. So that when we look back on our life, it will be a collection of different years, not one year on the loop.

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