In Your Face, Fear!

I’m sure you know that feeling when something scares you oh, so much! It could also be someone. So what do you do? Do you run away? Or do you face it? Like one of my friends said, “People only talk about flight or fight. There is a third kind of response too. It is called outright fright, the kind that makes you freeze and leaves you devoid of any action.”

If you freeze, fear will devour you and one day, you might not be able to forgive yourself for it.

If you flee, fear will run after you. It will not stop till you do. Consciously or subconsciously, it will always be there. It will not let you truly live.

And if you face it… Well, firstly you will be called a fool! You will regret it almost immediately. You will utterly wish if you had run. But there you will be, staring at it in the eyes. Finally, you will WIN. You will be free!

So whatever it is that scares the hell out of you, face it. Do it! At least, try. No matter the outcome, you as a person will win your freedom from fear. That is so worth it!

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