Make Someone’s Day

Do you recall how as you were having a really horrible day, someone did something completely unexpected and made you smile? Something very similar happened to me yesterday. Post a very hard day, I had left all hope of anything nice taking place. After all, it was past midnight. That’s when I saw my school friend’s message. She had also sent me a picture from our school days, as part of the ten-year challenge. I instantly smiled.

What took me by surprise was how quickly one small gesture with some kind words could change my mood. It is said that it takes a great many things to build but just one to mar. That is not always true. At times, the smallest of things are enough to build or rebuild.

The good news is that we all have this power. We can all build someone’s day. We can all twist someone’s lips upward. We just have to have the heart.

So come on! Try to make at least one person’s day today. Make someone smile. In return, you won’t even realize the enormous favour that you do yourself. After all, what goes around, comes around.

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