Why Fight for Love?

Cristian Mihai, a fellow blogger on WordPress once wrote something in one of his comments’ section that made me both laugh out loud as well as think hard.

It’s difficult to find love. But if you do, you gotta fight for it. Fight for it like you are the third monkey on Noah’s ark. And it starts raining…

— Cristian Mihai

Think of any of your favourite characters on any of your favourite shows, who ended up alone. I would like to mention Joey Tribbiani from Friends. He was, beyond doubt, the guy with the largest heart amongst the six main characters. He was also the most charming. But why was it that none out of the numerous ladies he met (and slept with) could not be the last? Remember those few women including Rachel who Joey actually fell in love with? Why could it never work out with any one of them too? Because he NEVER fought for his love! He was always ready to step back at the smallest of problems, even if that meant pushing himself into a state of sadness with a broken heart.

Don’t commit the same mistake. If you think someone makes you happier than you have ever been before, fight to make that happiness stay. If someone has brought peace into your turmoil-filled life, fight for that peace. If someone makes your world go round, fight before you lose that person and your world comes to a standstill.

Being the good and generous person that you are does not always give the best result. It is always better to give it your all than going down without a fight. Be it time or circumstances or opposition or your own petty excuses in your head, give them a good fight. For a change, let love win.

9 thoughts on “Why Fight for Love?

    1. Thank you so much for calling my post “the best you read today.” It really means a lot! I’m so humbled that I gave you food for thought. 😁
      In between, I am only one of the many who read Cristian’s blogs.

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