That Time of the Year

A particular date, day, time and ocassion are imprinted in our minds like nothing else. It stands for something that impacted us a lot, in a negative manner. We might try a lot to forget it but come that time the next year, it will transport us back to that original time in our head. It is especially difficult when such a time coincides with a time that means a whole lot to you.

I have always loved December. One, because of Christmas. Two, because of my birthday. But since the last two years, whenever December arrives, it starts weighing so heavy on my shoulders. The run-up to my birthday is worse as it reminds me of something that I pinned my hopes high on one day prior to my birthday but nothing came of it. So every time that date comes closer, it’s not just my birth date but a reminder of something that has been pending for these many years.

Does it hurt? Oh boy! You would understand only if you have ever faced anything similar. Such situations keep us torn between the happiness that we want to enjoy and the sadness that we can’t turn a blind eye to.

But that is the point! It is a choice. The joy outside us will face stiff competition from the gloom inside us. Everyone who still stands by us and does things to make us happy will face competition from us who don’t want to lessen the sorrow deserved by our feeling of loss. We can either wallow in pity or at least try to live in the moment.

The past did what it had to. Let’s grab the present and make the most of it. No wonder it’s called a present. We can either throw it away or use it.

It was once “that time of the year.” It came with a day, month and year. This time when it comes, the year would have changed. How can it be exactly the same then?

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